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As healthcare organisations continue their efforts to educate themselves and learn from recent cyber security events, the internet is set to become even more vital to healthcare providers and other users. Cloud-based services, pressure to deliver mobility, video consultations, EPR, HSCN, Public Wi-Fi, use of authorised and non-authorised applications and devices are all evidence that the right security has to be in place to ensure that staff, service users, patients and visitors can go about their work and life without limitations or concerns in being connected digitally. Internet Protection is the key outcome we can help you deliver.

With a global footprint of protecting over 500 million devices, to date we have categorised over 6 billion websites worldwide thanks to our industry-leading technology. At Netsweeper, protecting the digital safety and security of your service users is always our top priority. Netsweeper’s exceptional web-filtering platform provides superior safeguarding to guarantee the ultimate protection of your staff, patients and guests.


Key Features:

  • Dynamic Categorisation
  • Dynamic Malware and Protection Security
  • Easy to use reporting
  • Multiple deployment options

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