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Projected Ad revenues and making the case that Telco’s have an increased opportunity in sharing this expenditure with Netsweeper capabilities. According to an eMarketer in 2016, digital Ad spending (including mobile) increased by 20.3% to reach $194.60 billion in 2016, making up 35.3% of total media Ad spending. By 2020, it has been estimated that spending will top $335 billion and represent over 46% of total media Ad investment. As the number of electronic devices that require an Internet connection grows, telecommunication companies should and will be searching for ways to increase their revenue, and digital advertising is clearly the place to do so.


The Netsweeper platform enables Telco’s to Mass Media Message their subscriber base with targeted Ad campaigns and in return generate revenue based on CPM and CPA models. Take advantage of the billions of dollars being spent on advertising that is being delivered by your network infrastructure.

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