Student Safeguarding and Monitoring

Online safety has never been more of a necessity.

Protect Your Students Online

With increased awareness of student well-being, mental health, and online risks, Netsweeper provides educators with powerful tools to detect students in need — going beyond URL filtering.

The COVID-19 crisis has seen the rise of the internet being used by students for remote learning, where they are facing increasing exposure to safeguarding risks.

There has also been a significant increase in the number of human traffickers and predators looking to exploit children online. With anti-trafficking organizations and charities struggling to survive and support victims, online safety has never been more of a necessity.

Download our Student Safeguarding and Monitoring Whitepaper to make sure you're meeting statutory requirements for appropriate filtering and monitoring.


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Why choose Netsweeper?

  • Most dynamic safeguarding solution in the world: Netsweeper is the only platform to cover dynamic, URL and crowdsourcing filter options, blocking out all forms of harmful content for an unrivalled level of online safety.
  • Scalable and flexible: Netsweeper has the capability to scale with your needs and can be onboarded in a cloud or on-premise deployment.
  • Phenomenal reporting: With powerful reporting technology, safeguarding officers can be proactive in responding to various online threats.
  • Multi-tenant solution: Netsweeper has a single interface and offers online and offline filtering for various devices and systems.
  • Social media safeguarding: The platform has exceptional social media filtering options, blocking unregulated content from TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and more.
  • Protection at school and at home: Netsweeper’s device client provides full network protection across iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Chrome devices.