Netsweeper Webinar Series: Our Educational Ecosystem

Ensuring Student Digital Safety


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What to expect:

We’ve created four on-demand webinars featuring Product Manager Chris Garstin that provide an overview and high-level benefits of the Netsweeper Platform for content filtering and student online digital safety monitoring. 

Webinars 1 - 4 focus on the best practices and benefits of the Netsweeper platform so schools can effectively manage and safeguard students.   

Webinar 1:  Making the Most Out of Your Netsweeper Solution 

The first webinar explains the high-level benefits of Netsweeper’s nFilter along with best practices to maximize the benefits of the platform. This webinar demonstrates how nFilter works, the categories available, and policy management features.  

Webinar 2: Logging & Reporting with Netsweeper Platform 

Netsweeper’s reporting is one of the most advanced and sought-after features in the web filtering industry. In this webinar, Chris walks through the various reporting options including real-time logging. This webinar also demonstrates how easy it is to make those reports, whether it be scheduled or on-demand. This webinar also provides some high-level technical aspects of web filtering including scalability, performance, and log file retention policies. 

Webinar 3: nMonitor Overview 

In this webinar, Chris Garstin demonstrates Netsweeper’s nMonitor solution for digital safeguarding. nMonitor allows schools to identify potentially harmful online actions in real-time, allowing safeguarding leaders to take proactive steps for early intervention for safety and to promote mental health wellness. We also review use cases of the nMonitor solution with examples that demonstrate protecting pupils online and offline.  

Webinar 4: Technical Deep-Dive into the Netsweeper Platform

In this webinar, Chris discusses the architecture of the Netsweeper platform and why it makes Netsweeper unique from other web filtering platforms on the market. This webinar explains the Netsweeper platform use case scenarios for MATs (multi-academy trusts), school districts, and even single schools. Chris also walks through how the solution performs traffic inspection and logging/reporting.